“In delicate bouquets and tailor-made florets, do you, esteemed customer, take Misses Fleuri to be your privileged wedding flowers provider?”

It’s nearing your big day, and you’ve just spent months and months deciding on what you and your spouse are going to wear, the venue of your wedding, which guests are going to be invited, writing your vows, what food you’re going to serve to guests... You get the point. You’re exhausted from all the planning, but at least you won’t have to stress over the overflowing selection and customisation options of our enchanting flowers here at Misses Fleuri.

Instead of distressing yourself even more over the selection of the symbolistic flowers and which flowers to mix and match,Misses Fleuri are overjoyed to be able to provide an important customer with unwavering support for you, and your special day which will be uniquely catered to you. Now, you can arrive on your big day, with all your guests gasping in awe over how stunning you and your partner look, next to the graceful, hand-assemballed florets which flawlessly turns all the attention onto you.

After the wedding procession, you secretly smile to yourself, thinking about how every moment in your life –good or bad– has led up to this once-in-a-lifetime experience you will always cherish and commemorate. We, at Misses Fleuri, feel tremendously honoured to have been able to contribute to the event which is exclusively yours.